Volume 34 #1 has arrived; Volume 34 #2 Due Shortly

Volume 34 Number 1 has (finally) shipped. Volume 34 Number 2 is close behind, and Volume 34 Number 3 is in layout.

Volume 34 #1

“Was the Red Baron Murdered ?” OTF Assistant Managing Editor and founding member Peter Kilduff explores the persistent account that Rittmeister von Richthofen was murdered on the ground following his downing on 21 April 1918.

Oft-published author Jon Guttman expands the work of the late Bill Bailey to present the history of French Escadrille SPA 97

In “Why We Ignore the Reconn Flyer” ,Past OTF Present and Managing Editor Jim Streckfuss explores why the important role of the reconn crews is so sparsely covered.

Jon Guttmann again digs into the obscure to present the biographies of Italian Expatriates in the French Air Service.

Jon Grech takes on the biography of RAF pilot, POW-escapee and American, Lt. Pat O’Brien.

A wonderful photo essay by Peter Kilduff entitled, “German Scenes”, presents a crisp look at daily aerial operation during the great war.

Lance Krieg rounds out the issue with his rotating column “Modellers Corner” examining his Sopwith Camel builds.


Volume 34 #2

Hanns Gerd Rabe, with editorial help, from Peter Kilduff recount Rabe’s experiences as a member of Flieger Abteilung (A) 253. A wonderful compilation of personal reminisces, well written and descriptive, presents the view of the air war from the observer cockpit from a soldier “who was there”.

Herr Rabe recounts the final days of the war and the chaos which followed in his beloved squadron in “The Collapse of FA(A) 253.”

The biographies of a handful of Osnabruck aviators is presented in Peter Kilduffs usual well-researched style in “Osnabruck Fliers in WW 1”