Volume 34 Is Complete

Our editors are getting things under control and the last issue (34#4)  of Volume 34 is now either in your hands or at least in the mail to you (really!). The Winter 2019 issue was Jack Herris' last; he'll now be devoting more of his time to his Aeronaut Books. Let's give him a well-deserved roar of approval for his latest effort! Volume 35 #1 (Spring 2020) is virtually complete; how soon it ships is dependent on outside forces. Speaking of which, if there's a particular subject area you'd like to see more about, with Jack Herris' retirement from the list of Issue Editors, there's room for someone(s) who'd like to seek out articles for an upcoming issue. The issues for 2020 all have Issue Editors, so you will have some time to badger your friends recruit writers for interesting articles.