Summer 2020 Is Out!

Issue Editor Charley Gosse has assembled a collection of articles largely focused on American fliers; even the article on René Fonck has American tie-ins.

1) A Saint George on the Front by Will Simpson.  First time author Will Simpson offers the biography of New Jersey native and Lafayette Escadrille pilot Ronald Wood Hoskier

2) Six in One Day by David Mechin. The wager that turned into a sextuple victory for France's leading ace Rene Fonck is the subject of David Mechin's offering.

3) Lt. John Dewitt 94th Aero Squadron: Last to the Front by Alan Toelle. The diary of the last pilot assigned to the 94th Aero Squadron before the end of WW 1 provides the framework for the story of a late arrival to the front. 

4) Insignia of the Lafayette Escadrille and 103rd Aero Squadron in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Collection by Charles Gosse. Issue editor Charles Gosse offers a detailed study of the seven original insignia in the national collection.  Color photos and a full color insert highlight the study of these important national artifacts.

5) The Unknown Kiffin Rockwell by Steve Toms. An interesting look into the psychology and motivations of the Lafayette Escadrille pilot. 

6) Champagne and Confetti by David Mechin. The amusing mission and tragic end of a heretofore unknown French reconnaissance pilot. 

7) Where the Tree Falls by Richard Dobbins. The story of how the last wish of President Theodore Roosevelt for his son Quentin to remain buried where he fell was undone by his surviving children.  

Volume 34, #4, Winter 2019 is Here!

Note: Due to a printing error, this issue is identified as Volume 35 Number 4. It really is Volume 34 Number 4.

The ever fascinating history of the German Army Airships, in this case the short-lived SL-11, is the subject of the first article in the issue. Excerpted from a book by the late Andreas Horn is a peek into the larger work Herr Horn was working on before his untimely passing.

Peter Fedders breaks down the air war over Verdun continuing his analytical approach to the air war above the milestone events in the ground war.

Jack Herris dovetails the development of the Gotha G 1 and UWD with the recent release of the wonderful 1/32 model kit of these unusual German aircraft by Wing Nut Wings.

The unusual Otto C.II is the subject of Jack’s final article for the winter journal.

A personal pilgrimage to Cappy France on the 100th Anniversary of the death of the Red Baron provides the fodder for Dick Bennett and Ted Huscher’s article “In the Propwash of the Red Baron”.

Finally, returning to lighter-than-air craft, David C. Isley looks at the fall of Airship SS Z 51