Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2017, Is In The Mail

President Mike O’Neal welcomes new Board member Charlie Walthall, presents the League’s initiative to place a monument to America’s World War I aviators at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, outlines the League’s plans to move the Journal to a Print on Demand model and announces the Hooper Award winners for 2016.

  • Glimpses of the Richthofen Museum by Peter Kilduff looks at the museum, established in the Richthofen family home, to showcase Manfred and Lothar von Richthofen’s war trophies to the public.
  • Balloon Busting Bengal Tigers: A History of Esc. Spa 162 by the late Frank W. Baily and Jon Guttman covers the World War I history of this squadron formed as an offshoot of Esc. N.152 in 1917, and touches on its post-war service in Poland. The heritage lives on in 2ème Escadrille de l’Escadron de Chasse 1/12.
  • Kenneth P. Littauer: From the Lafayette Flying Corps to the USAS by Peter Kilduff looks at his service for the French and the United States during World War I. It is based on interviews the author conducted with him in 1967.
  • 72 Days at the Front: The Short Air Combat Career of Karl Bauernfeind by Rainer Absmeier profiles this pilot from Jasta 34b, who is credited as one of George Vaughn’s victims.
  • A Clayton Knight Photo File compiled and annotated by Peter Kilduff presents an interesting selection of photographs from the collection of the noted aviation artist.
  • Hermann Göring in the Air War over Verdun by Peter Kilduff examines the later Reichsmarshall’s service during the Verdun campaign in 1916
  • Preparing an Article for Publication in Over the Front by The Editors outlines the process and procedures for getting your article published in Over the Front.
  • In Memoriam: Javier Arango by The Editors pays tribute to this friend of the League and of WWI aviation, who died in the crash of his replica Nieuport 28 last April.

The regular columns on gaming (In the Cockpit) and book reviews (Between the Bookends) are joined by a new column on modeling (The Modeling Corner). 

Volume 31 Number 4, Winter 2016 - Time to Renew

Articles include a history of the 88th Aero Squadron, German aviation support for Turkey, the story of Lt. Kenneth Culbert, USMC, the L.V.G. C.V, "Fake" Navy Aircraft Record Cards and Designing at Albatros

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Volume 31 Number 3, Autumn 2016 Now Shipping

This issue features Max Immelmann in three different articles, then looks at Italian aviator Luigi Bologna, concludes the review of Hans Joachim Seidel's time in Palestine and wraps up with a photographic look at the career of Albert Lipfert.

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Volume 31 No. 2, Summer 2016 Issue

Articles include a study of German markings and paint schemes, French bomber use and performance, Paul Bäumer's parachute escape, Garland Lincoln's Nieuport 28, and the conclusion fo Lt. T.C. Martin's short career.

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