French/Belgian/Italian Abbreviations

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AbbreviationName, Rank Unit, Unknown, etc.AbbreviationName, Rank Unit, Unknown, etc.
N/A, write out Blériot (A/C Co.) (Fr.) BL Blériot (Esc.) (Fr.)
BM Breguet Michelin (A.C, Co.) N/A write out Breguet (A/C Co.) (Fr.)
BR Breguet (Esc.) (Fr.) C. Caudron (A/C Co)
C Caudron (Esc.) (Fr.) Ca. Caproni (A/C Co.)
CAP Caproni (Esc.) (Italian) C.E.P. Caproni (License Esnault)
CEP Caproni (Esc.) (Fr.) CM Caudron Monoplace (A/C)(Fr.)
CM Caudron (Esc.) D. Deperdussin (A/C Co.)
D Deperdussin (Esc.) DO. Dorand (A/C Co.)
DO Dorand (Esc.) Esc. Escadrille (Fr. And Bel.)
F. Farman (A/C Co.) F Farman (Esc.) (Fr.)
G. (Gabriel) Caudron (A/C) GB Groupe de Bombardment (Fr.)
GC Groupe de Chasse (Fr.) HD. Hanriot-Dupont (A/C Co.)
HD Hanriot-Dupont Esc. (Fr.) H.F. Henri Farman (A/C Co.)
HF Henri Farman (Esc.) (Fr.) IAACC Commission Interalliée de Controle Aeronautique en Allemagne (established in 1919 to inspect and control German aeronautical developments)
N/A, write out Letord (A/C Co.) LET Letord (Esc.)
M.F. Maurice Farman (A/C Co.) MF Maurice Farman (Esc.)
N/A, write out Morane-Saulnier (A/C Co.) (Fr.) MS Morane Saulnier (Esc.)
Spell out or Nie. Nieuport (A/C Co.) N Nieuport (Esc.)
N/A, write out Paul Schmitt (A/C Co.) PS Paul Schmitt (Esc.)
R. (Rene) Caudron (A/C Co.) R (Rene) Caudron (Esc.)
REP or R.E.P. Robert Esnault-Pelterie (A/C Co.) N/A write out Salmson (A/C Co.)
SAL Salmson (Esc.) SEA Societe dé Etudes Aéronautique
S.M. Salmson-Moineau (A/C Co.) SOP Sopwith (Esc.)
SPAD   SPAD (A/C Co.) Spa SPAD (Esc.) (single-seat)
SPAD-Bi SPAD (Esc.) (two-seat unit) S.T.Aé Section Technique de lá Aéronautique
N/A write out Voisin (A/C Co.) (Fr.) V Voisin (Esc.)
VB Voisin Bombardment (Esc.) VC. Voisin Cannon (A/C Co. (Fr.)
VC Voisin Cannon (Esc.) VR. Voisin Renault (A/C Co.) (Fr.)
VR Voisin Renault (Esc.)

List of Military

Military Abbreviations

It must be recognized that there is no definitive listing of abbreviations used amongst WWI aviation historians. Even in official publications there are differences in commonly used abbreviations--both among official publications and within official publications. The partial listing of World War I abbreviations is based on a listing of abbreviations commonly used by authors of various WWI aviation journals, as well as in official publications and is provided with the objective of achieving a sense of uniformity and consistency in the material presented in the Journal.